Since more than ten years, ONE2 has been supporting investors and developers with architectural visualisations, animations, and activities at the field of advertisement of construction investments. The visualisations create a lever for an ideal investment, and constitute an essential element of efficient sales; they develop client’s imagination and help them make difficult decisions.

The quality of our services and the final effect of each product are assured by the specialists in a field of 3D and 2D graphics, architecture, animation and web design. Using the cutting-edge technologies, trusted and innovative solutions and professional tools and software we will prepare the most beneficiary visualisations and advertising packages for your investment. Our experience allows us to provide our customers with advice to ensure that the product meets or even surpasses their expectations.

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Virtual reality

Visualisations have the ability to stimulate imagination and to depict the project’s potential. This is the reason why we have decided to make a step further and to stimulate the senses even more by creating something more than immovable pictures and movies.

We give for your disposal an interactive environment, you can walk around and interact with, using simple control devices like mouse and keyboard or immerse in the virtual reality even more with the use of GoogleVR.

Thanks to the devices like this, you will be able not only to watch our visualisations but also to experience them.

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Moreover, our great experience in preparing multi-branch construction projects helps us to understand our customers and their needs better. Therefore we can create the architecture of the highest quality.

Interfering in the space, we care about aesthetic values and strive to create the most welcoming places. Our aim is to meet the expectations of demanding customers, whose priority is to have the investment adjusted to their needs as much as possible, with the use of the assets of the location. Moreover, in the case of architectural project, we may give you some advice regarding building’s location, arrangement of interiors or dealing with formal and legal issues.

We have been doing our best to make the complex undertaking of building a new object completed quickly and effectively, to allow its users to savour the new space.

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Visualisation creating process

The first stage

comprises designing a digital model of the investment, in line with the design and your additional notes, and setting the cameras and lighting.

At the second stage

we choose materials and colours of the models. We also consider your potential remarks that emerged at the first stage.

The third stage

sums up the whole: the design gets its final cut, providing you with the ready visualisation in the final size, adjusted to the given field of operation.

ONE2 Feels like home

Taking into consideration the comprehensive presentation of the investment we have created the offer addressed mainly to the developers, who demand effective advertising, comprehensive and trouble-free service during the presentation of the investment.

We introduce you a package of specific visualization types selected on the basis of our long-term experience in working with architects and developers. Their task is to reveal the full investment potential, to leave no room to even the slightest doubt of customers.

Exterior visualization: eye level

Building’s elevation is its showcase. That is the reason why it is so important to expose the building in a proper way. Frames set on the viewer’s eye level will present the investment in a realistic manner and encourage exploring the subject, also thanks to the appropriate location of the cameras in the crucial points, allowing us to show the most representative views of the building. 

The package includes the number of frames from the eye level adjusted to the size of the project.

Exterior visualisation: bird view

Bird views are equally important for the efficient presentation, mainly because of the fact that on everyday basis we cannot admire the city from this perspective. Thanks to them, the investor may gain a detailed vision of the surroundings of the new investment and appreciate the opportunities resulting from it.

Views from the perspective, contained in our packages, will demonstrate all the crucial points in the environment that are relatively hard to spot.

Analysis of insolation

Is there anything more magnificent than a moment spent on our own terrace, with a cup of hot tea, after a hard day at work? Our experience shows that, while choosing the living or working space, investors often pay attention to its exposure to sunlight at certain hours. Solar study consists in eye level visualisations that help your customers choose a place bathed in sunlight during different time of day: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. They are in accordance with the geographical location of the building, the season and the time of day.




Interior visualizations

In our packages, we will provide interior visualisations of the most important apartments. The interior designs, agreed upon with you, prepared and visualised by our architects and graphic designers, will perfectly expose the potential of the empty flat just after the purchase. We have the wide range of furniture and accessories enabling us to create an interior in nearly any given style.


To visualise the potential of the interior even more precisely and to stimulate the investor’s imagination even stronger, we deliver you visualisations of floorplans in our packages. These are perfectly illustrated maps of the buildings, facilitating orientation. Thanks to them, your client will gain the detailed view of the whole space, including all the rooms, and will be able to start spacial planning.

Panoramic visualizations

One of the most important elements of our package is the 360 visualisation. Nothing facilitates decision making as effectively as testing the product on one’s own. Thanks to the visualisation, your customer feels much more present in the presented interior and if we use the virtual reality goggles for the presentation, they stop watching – they start being in their future flat. Visualisation is not a static picture – it is the element of reality we participate in and we feel like at home

Take a look at the example of panoramic visialization.


We would not be keeping our promise to provide you with comprehensive services if we did not offer you the appropriate form of conveying and presenting all the mentioned types of visualisations.

Our packages involve the project of the website prepared on the template, with a great care about its aesthetics. On the website, thanks to our visualisations, your clients, will be able to find an interesting local quickly and effectively, to get acquainted with the solar study, check the surface and the information necessary for purchase.

We have been making every effort to prepare a range of packages that are appropriate for estates of all sizes. Our great experience enabled us to prepare a particular schedule of investment’s advertising.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!

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Visualizations and 3D graphics

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