The World War Two left it’s mark on Poland and it’s citizens. We are still struggling with it’s consequences and no promises that we can be distanced from this part of the history any time soon.
But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it is worth to remember to learn from mistakes.
Remember, draw conclusions, be deferential.

I come from Oświęcim (Auschwitz) city, “city of peace” where this monument of history – Auschwitz Birkenau camp – stands.
That’s why i appreciate the hard work Fereydoon Borouji put into creating this film that keeps reminding about this part of history, animation, which in the context of current world events seems to be even more important.

There is no point to talk about technical aspects of this one – it’s top notch. But the mood of this film plunged me in thoughts for a long time.
Click the image to watch the animation – it’s worth it – and appreciate the author.

It remains for me to thank you Fereydoon for reminding me, that it’s important to remember.


Krzysztof Pysz