They talk about us (again)

Some news for today!

Thank’s to VW and Evermotion we are one step further to make people know the ONE2 team better.
Thank you VW artclub for appreciation of our latest visualizations and also big thanks to Evermotion for the “Editors’ Choice Award” I’ve just received on their Forum.
Also, warm hugs to all you guys who are voting for our images here and there, we really glad to know you like what we are doing. And we will keep doing it, so stay tuned for news – there are big things to come!



Our newest tutorial

It’s a pleasure to announce that our newest Making Of created for VWARTCLUB is published!!!
The ringleader of the whole thing was Vasili Koutlis from VW, who came out with a proposal of describing the creation process of one of our latest visualizations – The Lennox Residence designed by Artau Architecture.
Thank you so much Vasili for that cuz we had a great fun during breaking this scenes apart. Also, thank you for support and all the help.
So you are kindly invited to read it. I hope that this tutorial will be helpfull.

To go to the Making Of click here

Krzysztof P.


They talk about us

Recently we’ve used Corona Renderer to create a piece of a post-apocalyptic image and take part in a small competition. I think someone likes us up there cuz the image was published on the official Corona Renderer facebook profile and was appreciated by some of the users. Hope you all like the image!!!


Visit our site if you like to see the image a bit closer -> here
You can also check out the full post on Corona forum -> here

Published in Vray World Gallery

The Vray World team has honoured us by publishing one of our project in the gallery!
On behalf of whole ONE2 crew I would like to thank VW for appreciation of our efforts :)

I invite you to take a look at VW gallery and our portfolio. Please leave a comment on our facebook page
and let us know if you also like our works!


Krzysztof Pysz


The World War Two left it’s mark on Poland and it’s citizens. We are still struggling with it’s consequences and no promises that we can be distanced from this part of the history any time soon.
But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it is worth to remember to learn from mistakes.
Remember, draw conclusions, be deferential.

I come from Oświęcim (Auschwitz) city, “city of peace” where this monument of history – Auschwitz Birkenau camp – stands.
That’s why i appreciate the hard work Fereydoon Borouji put into creating this film that keeps reminding about this part of history, animation, which in the context of current world events seems to be even more important.

There is no point to talk about technical aspects of this one – it’s top notch. But the mood of this film plunged me in thoughts for a long time.
Click the image to watch the animation – it’s worth it – and appreciate the author.

It remains for me to thank you Fereydoon for reminding me, that it’s important to remember.


Krzysztof Pysz